Kenny Harris

On the bustling streets of New York City, Kenny Harris name resonated beyond the basketball courts. With his formidable years as a professional athlete, Kenny knew all about the highs and lows of fame and fortune. But it was his second career as a teacher that opened his eyes to a different challenge: the financial struggles faced by everyday people.

While his peers saw him as the athlete who scored crucial points in pivotal games, his students saw a mentor passionate about imparting life lessons beyond the classroom. He realized that many of his colleagues and students' families faced financial hardships, often stemming from a lack of understanding or access to quality financial advice. It struck Kenny that if professional athletes, with all their resources, could falter financially, then what chance did an average person have without the right guidance?

Marrying his firsthand knowledge of the financial pitfalls faced by athletes with the struggles of ordinary families, Kenny founded Protected Promise in 2021. His vision was clear: to empower individuals, athletes, and families with the tools and knowledge to craft a secure financial future.

Under Kenny's leadership, Protected Promise is more than just a financial consulting company. It's a testament to his dual legacy as an athlete who knows the value of preparation and a teacher committed to enlightening others. With years of personal experience managing finances in the volatile world of professional sports and an innate passion for education, Kenny and his team promise not just financial advice but a pledge of protection, education, and empowerment.


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